July 29, 2015 - Northeast PHP - August 22 & 23, 2015

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Speaker Spotlight # 7

We have Great speakers coming this year to our conference. Here is a spotlight on one of them.

Viraj Khatavkar is Founder & Head of Technology at Tantra-Gyan (I) Business Solutions. Been in PHP for last 3 years and am great enthusiast for mastering the same. Prefers designing architectural planning of an application and researching new architectural solutions. I have developed various solutions logical as well as architectural for service industry web ERPs and recently a Scraping API for a client. Fascinated about SOA, web services and believes “Good design increases software life and your leisure time as well :)” Loves spending time for creating solutions for the betterment of society namely focusing on Education, Employment & Civic Rights.

Viraj will be speaking on: Embracing TDD – A Beginner’s approach to get acquainted with TDD workflow

Developers, hate testing with the common reason of boredom, ego or “waste of time”. TDD looks overwhelming at first. But, it gives you more than what it takes from you. TDD is considered to be a methodology, but moreover it is an approach, a process that we need to embrace. It’s a rather a shift of paradigm, a BIG change, and from my experience, I can say that no change is easy. I believe, any good change goes through following stages -> Rejection, Ignorance and then, finally ACCEPTANCE. I will share my journey with you on how I embraced TDD; the difficulties I faced and how it made me a better developer. In this talk, I will also give a glimpse of basics of TDD as well as what would be a good place to start implementing it.

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