August 2015 - Northeast PHP - August 22 & 23, 2015

Speaker Spotlight # 29

We have Great speakers coming this year to our conference. Here is a spotlight on one of them.

About Chase Peeler – I am the Senior Software Architect at Endeavor, the private label (wholesale) field services leader. I’ve been using PHP for over 15 years, 10 of them professionally. In my current role I lead Endeavor’s development team in enhancing our internal web application/customer portal. Some of my accomplishments include implementing unit testing, transitioning to git for version control, employing the use of Jenkins for CI, and designing a custom framework to help bridge the transition from a legacy system to a more maintainable one.

Chase will be speaking on: Interfaces and Traits go together like peas and carrots

Interfaces are a powerful tool in the object oriented arsenal. However, many times we use an interface when a class would make more sense, but single inheritance prevents us from doing so. In PHP 5.4, we were given a powerful tool called a trait. Many people, however, simply view the trait as “compiler assisted copy/paste.” The truth is, traits are much more powerful. In this talk, I’ll look at ways we can utilize traits to easily provide functionality to our interfaces, allowing us to minimize code duplication caused by the fact we can’t define, inherit, and override interface code.

Speaker Spotlight # 28

We have Great speakers coming this year to our conference. Here is a spotlight on one of them.

Oscar Merida been working with PHP and the LAMP stack since 2000. He’s built websites for small and large non-profits and associations, worked on the digital media team at DC United, the pro-soccer team in DC, joined a start up in 2012, before co-founding Currently, he’s the editor-in-chief for php[architect] magazine and books, which means he gets to read a lot of great PHP stuff for work.

Oscar will be speaking on: Staying sane with Drupal (a PHP Developer’s Survival Guide)

Drupal is a powerful content management framework and among the most succesful PHP projects out there. Working with Drupal’s modules and theme layer means that for any problem there’s more than one way to that that. Picking a good solution, or dealing with the choices of previous developers will make you pull your hair out. I’ll look at what you can do to make working with Drupal – shall we say – enjoyable? We’ll look at how to evaluate contributed modules, what modules should be in all your installations, examine coding conventions in Drupal, and talk about development best practices for Drupal sites.

Speaker Spotlight # 27

We have Great speakers coming this year to our conference. Here is a spotlight on one of them.

Mel Rainsberger is the founder or “Creativomnicom” of They’re Using Tools! With a degree in Film/Animation/Video from RISD, she’s been the mastermind behind They’re Using Tools for over eight years. With clients such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Kraft, she’s developed a track record of excellence for online media. In her spare time, she enjoys biking, cooking high calorie desserts, watching scary movies, volunteering for the Lady Project, running the 48HFP, and sleeping with one eye open while circling a room. She resides in the best city in the world–Providence, RI.

Mel will be speaking on:  Designing Micro Experiences

Are you sick of making products for the herd? The internet gives us access to literally billions of customers. With that access, we should be making products and advertising them to specialized groups. Instead, we make the broadest, most homogeneous products imaginable. Photo apps, cooking sites, and how-to channels are the tip of the iceberg.

When we look at our actual potential user–and design for them–you not only get a customer, but a devoted user. Connecting with a customer’s needs can create an emotional bond that keeps customers coming back for future products. What does it look when you create not for a demographic, but for a person? Think of this as ergonomic advertising. We’ll look at how focusing on the small details in web design, advertising, and video campaigns can be both cost saving and more effective.

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