August 9, 2015 - Northeast PHP - August 22 & 23, 2015

Speaker Spotlight # 18

We have Great speakers coming this year to our conference. Here is a spotlight on one of them.

Jad Joubran – I started learning web development when I was very young and strove to succeed out there. I founded eTobb at the age of 19. eTobb is currently connecting thousands of members with certified Medical Doctors in the MENA region. Visit for more information about my work. eTobb is mainly written in PHP and Javascript, using common best practices for web development.

Here are some of my achievements:
– Managed a team of 4 developers and 2 designers at eTobb
– Consulted an industry leader (Data Consult) in the Middle East and Africa.
– Developed advanced web solutions for several clients in Beirut, Jordan, Dubai, Iraq, New York City and Silicon Valley.
– Joined 500 Startups family (Batch 11) in Mountain View, California.
– Mentored more than 25 developers on codementor for the following topics: PHP, HTML/CSS, jQuery, Ajax, Websockets (Pusher & Pubnub), etc.
– Mentored startups based in Silicon Valley and New York City through codementor.
– Published more than 4 articles with topics related to Git, Bower, Composer, Nginx and Algolia search API. (My profile:
– Featured in Entrepreneur Levant, MTV Lebanon, Future TV, OTV, Al Arabia, SkyNews, Wamda, ArabNet and other media outlets.
– Maintainer of the Laravel5 angular material starter on github

Jad will be speaking on: Kickstarting a Laravel application using modern techniques and common best practices

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework nowadays. For faster and better development process, we need to integrate build automation, bower, enforce coding styles, etc..
This talk is ideal for solo developers and teams as it shows us how to use modern tools in order to enforce proper coding standards within a team.

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