Meet The Team

Peter MacIntyre

Peter MacIntyre has over 25 years of experience in the information technology industry, primarily in the area of PHP and Web Technologies. He has contributed writing material for many IT industry publications: Author of “PHP: The Good Parts” (O’Reilly); co-author: Pro PHP Programming (APress), Programming PHP (3rd Edition – O’Reilly), Using Visual Objects, Using PowerBuilder 5, ASP.NET Bible, Web Warrior Survey on Web Development Languages, and Zend Studio for Eclipse Developer’s Guide. Peter is currently working on another secret book project.

Peter is currently the co-chair, co-founder and board member for the Northeast PHP Developer’s Conference held in Boston, MA for the last 3 years ( As well, Peter has spoken several times at North American and International computer conferences including CA-World in New Orleans, USA; CA-TechniCon in Cologne, Germany; and CA-Expo in Melbourne, Australia. He is a Zend Certified Engineer in PHP 5.3 and PHP 4.0

Bobby Cahill

Bobby Cahill is a full-stack engineer at building and maintaining the largest online-only retailer for home in the US.  He is an organizer of Boston PHP, the largest active PHP user group in the US and has been organizing Northeast PHP since its inception. Bobby is the creator of the open source web app Projectify and has previous software experience in the Supply Chain and Healthcare industries.

Bobby is a life-learner and (some would say) hacker and strives to create useful, secure, high-performance applications and to make the complex increasingly simple. He is a big fan of MVC-ish design patterns due to his admitted lack of graphic design/layout ability. In his free time he controls his minor gaming addiction by supporting the open-source community and injuring himself on the basketball court (some generously call it “playing basketball”).

Bobby is @BobbyCahillJr on Twitter and blogs at

Lincoln Maskey

Lincoln has been working professionally with PHP for almost 15 years. He is presently the president of the Atlantic PHP user group based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and this is the third year of his involvement with Northeast PHP.

David Kelleher

David Kelleher is a college professor, multimedia artist, and freelance PHP/MySQL and UI developer with 15 years of industry experience. He has taught courses and given talks on diverse topics ranging from database optimization to visual effects production. David loves the intersection of the arts and emerging technologies, working on projects like a juggling gesture interface for electronic music theater and an interactive overhead video canopy.

Michael Stowe

Michael Stowe is a professional, Zend Certified Engineer with over 10 years experience building applications for law enforcement, the medical field, nonprofits, and numerous industrial companies.  He now works as the Developer Relations Manager at MuleSoft, where he strives to positively impact the developer community and help others grow.  He has contributed to multiple open source projects, is a frequent conference speaker, meetup organizer, and had cofounded the Midwest PHP Conference before moving out West.  This is Michael’s second year volunteering with NortheastPHP, and first year serving on the organizing committee.

 Kristin Boggio

Kristin is a scientist by day and a novice coder and artist by night. A Ph.D. Research Scientist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Kristin specializes in neurodegenerative diseases and quantitative proteomics. She spends her days tinkering with million dollar machines (trying not to break them); detecting protein, RNA, and DNA mutations that could cause disease. She has spoken about her science worldwide and is a member of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Human Proteome Organization, and the Greater Boston Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group. After work, Kristin finds both frustration and accomplishment in teaching herself R and Python and likes to leave all the analytical of the day behind by indulging her love for painting, tennis, boxing, and basketball.

Aliasgar Dahodwala

Aliasgar is a full stack engineer with over 12 years of industry experience working with one of the largest e-commerce company in the home goods space – Wayfair LLC. He has contributed to various open source projects and in his spare time also develops apps for iOS and Android platforms for helping kids learn using multimedia. This is Aliasgar’s first year of involvement with Northeast PHP.

Michael Bourque

Michael Bourque, is a software/hardware/design/architect. He is passionate about open source software led him to organize a monthly meetup called Boston PHP. It was a huge success, which led him to co-founder Northeast PHP. He has over 30 years experience in research and development, and leading global teams to build great products. He is experience in manufacturing, aerospace, and high tech software. Michael was manufacturing engineer at MIT Lincoln Labs, a position that led him to a role at PTC helping to improve the CAD software he had been suggesting improvements to while at MIT. His PTC career culminated in a VP position for which he was responsible for break-through technology in delivering software training and learning management systems.

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