August 23, 2015

Closing Keynote 15:30  -  17:00 Closing Keynote 10th Floor

Closing Keynote

In this personal and provocative talk, Susie Sedlacek shares a fresh perspective on a familiar challenge: the under-representation of women in technology. Sedlacek brings an insider’s view to the topic: as a non-technical woman of Asian descent, she has spent over 25 years in technology companies and reached the executive leadership ranks.

While the IT industry has widely acknowledged the issues of bias and inequality – and has started to experiment with solutions – Sedlacek believes that the industry has yet to fully appreciate the opportunity costs of failing to tap into a more diverse talent pool.

As Sedlacek sees it, the issue is waste: since human resources are often the greatest source of competitive advantage, companies that don’t effectively utilize the available resources are destined to fall behind.

By re-framing the issue in terms of wasted resources, Sedlacek creates a compelling case for prioritizing investment in solving issues of bias and inequity. By drawing on her career and life experiences, she provides concrete examples of ideas that work to take full advantage of unrepresented and underutilized groups.

Session Category :  10th Floor  Keynote