August 23, 2015

Designing Micro Experiences 09:00 Designing Micro Experiences Sampson

Designing Micro Experiences

Are you sick of making products for the herd? The internet gives us access to literally billions of customers. With that access, we should be making products and advertising them to specialized groups. Instead, we make the broadest, most homogeneous products imaginable. Photo apps, cooking sites, and how-to channels are the tip of the iceberg.

When we look at our actual potential user–and design for them–you not only get a customer, but a devoted user. Connecting with a customer’s needs can create an emotional bond that keeps customers coming back for future products. What does it look when you create not for a demographic, but for a person? Think of this as ergonomic advertising. We’ll look at how focusing on the small details in web design, advertising, and video campaigns can be both cost saving and more effective.

Session Category :  Regular Talk Session  Sampson Room