Speaker Spotlight # 26

Speaker Spotlight # 26

We have Great speakers coming this year to our conference. Here is a spotlight on one of them.

Sandy Smith lives in the Washington, DC area, and has been a web developer for an eternity in the web world: 15 years. He’s spent all but a year of that time consulting, usually for nonprofits and government, working both in-house and in an agency. He’s worked with a hundred or so organizations in various capacities, from basic development to strategic advice to multi-tier applications. He’s the leader of the DCPHP User Group, a member of the php[architect] team, and really committed to helping new developers get up and running in PHP effectively.

Sandy will be speaking on: Architecting with Queues for Scale and Separation

You may know that queues can help with long-running tasks, but did you know they can help you make your application easier to debug, more performant, and scale in the cloud? Taking the real-world example of a contest app, we’ll see how easy queues can be to implement. You’ll see how the smart use of queues can enable your application to handle many more users with the same code, break components across servers, and help you keep your app responsive.
Don’t Fear the Regex
Have you been scared off by Klingon-looking one-liners in Perl? Do you resort to writing complicated recursive functions just to parse some HTML? Don’t!  I’ll demystify regular expressions and show you how best to do them in PHP. We’ll cover the syntax and functions that make PHP a great text-parsing language, and give you the foundation to learn more. As a bonus, I’ll give you two cases people often use as examples for regexes that PHP gives you better native ways to accomplish.

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