Martin Langhoff

Martin Langhoff

Martin has been technical lead for teams delivering complex web-based software, Operating Systems and hardware products for well over 15 years.

Currently VP of Engineering at Remote-Learner’s, taking care of Moodle Products and its SaaS Platform. Prior roles include CTO at One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) where he delivered several models of the award-winning XO laptop and many OS releases; and software architect at

Throughout his career he has contributed to many major Open Source projects — most notably the ‘git’ version control system and the PHP-based Moodle Learning Management System. His work is present in many parts of the Linux stack, including the Fedora and Debian Linux distributions. Well over two million laptops in the hands of children across the world attest to his hardware and OS work.

Finally, one country runs its National Elections on software he architected and implemented. That code is built on a FOSS stack, but not publicly available, so it does not count 🙂